Free Lyrics For Song and Music

  1. Magic

    By PILÖT
  2. Eyes of a Stranger

    By The Payola$
  3. Little Green Bag

    By George Baker Selection
  4. Oh Well

    By The Rockets
  5. You Don't Want Me Anymore

    By Steel Breeze
  6. A Fine, Fine Day

    By Tony Carey
  7. Voices

    By Russ Ballard
  8. (Feels Like) Heaven

    By Fiction Factory
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody

    By Bohemian Rhapsody
  10. Dancin' Shoes

    By Nigel Olsson
  11. When the Spirit Moves You

    By touch
  12. Black Star

    By touch
  13. Hanging On a Heart Attack

    By Device
  14. I Could Be Good for You

    By 707
  15. Why Me?

    By Planet P Project
  16. Let It Go

    By Luba
  17. Don't You Know What Love Is?

    By touch
  18. Bedtime Story

    By Tony Carey
  19. Before My Heart Finds Out

    By Gene Cotton
  20. A Fine, Fine Day

    By Tony Carey